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My cousin attended the first ever Hello Kitty Con in Los Angeles. I wanted to go with her but life got in the way of my plans and I couldn’t attend.

I think I’m a little bit relieved I didn’t go.

I know, I know, I know. What am I, crazy?! Yes, but that’s not why I’m relieved.

As my cousin was posting pictures from the day, I was so excited that I was embarrassing myself. I had to keep from peeing in my pants at least three times.

Lola fled from all the squealing.

I hugged a pillow so hard that it is permanently deformed. Sadly, it is the pillow the Hubster likes to use when sitting on the couch. Poor bastard, goes away and comes home to anarchy.

Now I have a whole year to prepare myself for next year’s Hello Kitty Con. Hopefully I can look like a normal fanatic and not a ‘needs to be locked up for her own safety’ fan.

My cousin is sending me a Spam musubi kit so I can make Hello Kitty shaped musubi. Everything else I receive for Christmas this year will be second best. I’m just letting you know now so you can skip the shopping trip from hell this holiday season.

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