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This week I have a new freezer being delivered. I have nowhere to put it, and no Hubster home to move the big stuff out of my way, to put that big freezer somewhere that has other big stuff in it currently.

Did you get that last part?!? No? Me either.

I don’t know how I thought this gigantic upright freezer was going to fit where I wanted it. I may have to put it in the man room and Hubster will need X-ray vision to see his television from the couch.

I am going to try a last-ditch effort to clear some space for it by purging stuff from the house. There’s only one problem with my plan. Anytime you purge while under duress, you end up purging stuff you need three days later. But I have no other solution and I’m just hoping that I don’t purge anything the Hubster will immediately notice.

Hubster hates purge time, every Navy moving day makes him die a little inside. He starts to use stuff for any purpose he can so that when I ask the dreaded “have you used this in the last six months” question, he can answer yes.

My favorite example of this was when the Hubster was using his ammunition case as a coffee table in the guest room. He said we needed it desperately! Hubster got away on a technicality, since he was actively using the case. This guy’s gotten good at this game and he uses his big, blue eyes to plead his case.

But Hubster is not here to stop me this time so I’m going to go a little crazy, cross my fingers, and pray the new freezer has somewhere to go when I’m done purging.

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