Fall is here. It is rainy and bleak and chilly outside.

I love it!!!

Thank you Washington state for being so dreary and grey, you make me love you more when you’re like this.

Let’s talk about the horrors of Fall.

I hate pumpkin. And spice. And I even hate orange by the end of September just due to the sheer volume of orange hued home decorating everyone is vomiting all over their homes. Then there is Pinterest.


You and your ideas on how to incorporate more pumpkin, more spice and more orange into every aspect of living for the next three months. The entire neighborhood smells like a big pumpkin pie! I walked outside my front door yesterday and the smell of pumpkin and spice smashed into my face and drove me back indoors.

A image of a menacing pumpkin smiling with the quote 'By the end of autumn, I'll have infiltrated all of your homes.'

Enough already! I’m losing it here!

So here’s my personal mission. Every time I walk into a friend’s home that is pumpkin and spice and orange EVERYWHERE, I am going to steal something. Something pumpkin or spice or orange. And I’m going to bring it home and take a picture of the little kidnapped object and then torture you with it on my blog.

I anticipate not getting invited to many places for the next few months.

Which serves my purpose well, since I freak out after more than a few minutes in any home where pumpkin and spice smells are being piped in through the ventilation.

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2 replies on “Autumn or Fall, the pumpkins need to stop…

  1. How will you go out to eat??? I know you won’t stay home to eat it is in American!!! Everywhere out there is pumpkin spice and orange!!!! I see jail in your future

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