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I’ve always been an organized person. I remember being a child who would fold her Barbie doll clothes and put them into the little pink Barbie suitcase for safekeeping. Shoes went in the trunk of the Barbie Cadillac. Hair accessories went in their little yellow organizer.

Life was good.

Now I am sharing something with you all that I have never shared with anyone who has not come into my home to play original Nintendo with me. Yes, I still have the original and it still works.

These are the memory game guides I made for Super Mario Bros. 3 when I was a child. You know, back in the day before game guides and the internet existed. I made my first set of guides with stickers from the comic book store. And then when the internet and computers became a thing, I made it in a Word Document. Feel free to use them, they are every single possibility you will encounter in the game. One piece of advice, I labeled them with world titles just because I could, the actual game will be picked at random.

You’re welcome universe, you’re welcome.

Yesterday I came to the startling conclusion that I may need therapy to overcome my need to organize. I mean, I cannot even play a virtual farming game without an excel spreadsheet to track my crop inventory.

I listed all the crops that can be grown (by hours needed to grow), I listed all the machines that make those crops into other products (like ketchup) and I even listed all my animals and what they need to eat to make their milk, eggs, etc. And my spreadsheet is beautiful. I am seriously in love with it. It is color coordinated which just makes me grin. And that’s when I realized, this may be an illness. So I’m going to seek therapy.

I had you going there for a minute, didn’t I?!?

Yeah, I’m not going to therapy. I’m going to go make some more spreadsheets. The first one I may make is listing my friends by gullibility. And I may eat 50 pizza rolls while I compile my spreadsheet… because I like everything in excess.

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