Last night I was watching Bravo – one of the housewives shows was on. I was cruising around the internet on my new iPad and trying to stay cool in the 90 degree heat. (I know that’s not high to many people but in WA state it is pretty dire.)

There came a particularity pathetic moment on TV. This wife was sitting alone with her husband, waiting for her friends to show up for her birthday dinner. One by one they all called and canceled on her. Only one wife showed up in the end and she called the birthday girl dumb and dumber.


Of course I start making fun of the pathetic birthday girl. She rented a huge party bus and an entire room in a swanky restaurant. It all sat empty and unused.

Then it dawned on me. She’s on tv and I’m sitting alone in my living room. Life was a bit bleak. Lola looked at me and I decided I was a winner, because of her.

Lola the English Bulldog is sitting down, looking directly into the camera. Her ears are perked up, and her bottom teeth jut forward so that you can see them when her mouth is closed. She has brindle and white fur, with one eye and ear patched with color.

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