This is just a quick update on the deterioration of society now that there are enough iPads in the house for each human to have their own.

I’ve been binge watching The Big Bang Theory seasons 1-7 thanks to a playlist on my Apple TV.

During this binge marathon I’ve napped for almost three hours.

Lola slept right next to me on the couch the whole time.

Dogs are way easier than humans. And arguably cuter. And they always love you and never talk back.

I better get up and do a few laps around the house before my legs forget how to operate.

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2 replies on “I better do a few laps….

    1. That is a dream, the hope that one day Wall-E will become reality!

      On a side note, I couldn’t sleep last night after a day of doing bubkus so I regret the inactivity a lot more today.


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