The Hubster recently had a birthday. He had one giant request and that was a new iPad Air with the 128GB hard drive. For works purposes. You know, and education. Because that 3rd gen. 64GB hard drive iPad with retina display was really feeling ancient.

And saying you are spending $800 on a toy to play mock war games sounds irresponsible.

Lola decided to indulge her Daddybeast and give him the iPad. I was sadly relegated to purchasing the accessories which are not as exciting. Or appreciated. (And I’m still wondering how the dog with no job could afford all this.)

Last night we purchased the iPad and came home with the Hubster’s new toy. I immediately realized that Lola’s gift to her Daddybeast also delivered a gift to me. I didn’t own an iPad. I had to sit on a stool at the kitchen counter and sadly do all my work on the latest 21.5″ iMac. You know, with the really fast processor and a terabyte of storage.

It is hard being me.

As soon as the Hubster put his old iPad data into his new iPad, he reset the old one and handed it off to me. And it was like that moment where the room turns white and you hear angels sing. A new iPad, practically fresh out of the box, with that generic screen greeting you as if you just turned it on for the first time ever.

And the iPad is in immaculate condition thanks to the Hubster’s rugged life that requires he put everything in an indestructible otterbox. (Which I promptly removed since I’m a delicate butterfly that doesn’t take her iPad on safaris in Africa.)

Today the Hubster is sitting with his new iPad on the couch. I’m sitting with my “new” iPad on the couch. And I’m blogging. On my couch. Finally, my rotator cuff injury will start to heal.

Oh, and no joke, my rotator cuff is all messed up from sitting at the computer for so long with my arm outstretched moving a mouse. Stupid 21st century really gives you some weird injuries. (On a side note, I am greatly looking forward to my new injury from 21st century sports. Fingertip calluses and sprains. I’m desperately working right now on programming the iPad’s Siri to recognize my voice patterns like a pro so I don’t have to type my blogs. Then I can just get a sore throat and sound like an 80-year-old smoker thanks to technology. My god, there is no end to the damage caused by technology.)

And the final present. Lola is now taking up permanent residence on her couch blanket. We never let her on the couch without a cover AND an adult sitting on the couch with her. Now that both humans have an iPad, she’s banking on no one ever getting off the couch again. And she was the one who thought to buy the iPad that kicked this whole weekend off.

Well played Lola, well played.

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