Hope everyone had a great Shank You Sunday, I know I did!

I enjoyed a lovely breakfast I didn’t have to cook. Then I followed that up with cleaning the house, always a pleasure. Then I folded seven very large loads of laundry.

Yeah, you’re right, it shanked. The only good thing was the breakfast and then it all went downhill.

But today is shaping up to be epic. I enrolled a new Little and he started today. He is bigger than one of my Littles, but smaller than the Big Little, so we officially have a new Medium Little. And he is dreamy. He has this soft, soothing cry that doesn’t grate on your ears.

While that’s nice, it certainly isn’t epic. What’s epic is what happens after daycare. Cinco de Mayo. And this year, I’m planning and all out white girl affair since I currently have no Mexican friends here to feed me something delicious. And since I can’t cook Mexican food worth a damn I’m going to have to go out to eat. And since there is only one Mexican place around here that I love and they are already freakishly busy on non Cinco de Mayo nights, I have decided to hit up the place that makes my dreams come true.

Taco Bell.

My apologies, but it’s either that or a frozen burrito.

Before I get completely shanked by offended Mexicans and Mexican-Americans, I will say that I actually know the entire reason for this day. And I’m not talking about the Mexican Independence Day. People who think that is what today is about should really be the ones you are after, not this girl. No, I read all about the Battle of Puebla, or as my wannabe bilinguist self likes to say, El Día de la Batalla de Puebla.

So drop your pitchforks and if you’re already on your way to my house to shank me, can you at least make me an authentic Mexican last meal??? Because I really miss my Mexican friends a lot today.

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