Recent Internet search terms to find my blog have been quite hysterical. Hopefully some people who were searching found their come to Jesus moment and realized my blog is their long-lost home.

To start off we had a funny and her bladder let go search. That person has undoubtedly come to the realization that they share commonality with my Lola.

Whose bladder has also let go during strange situations….

Then we had the ever hysterical search term really loose sweatpants. Hopefully those internet readers took some comfort in eating until they thought they would die, just as I did on my first trip to The Melting Pot. (And for the record, I ended up not needing sweatpants. Seriously. I’m not kidding!…….okay, it’s because I wore a dress….with an empire waist so as not to inhibit my eating… But still, I did not need the sweatpants!)

So enjoy some of my old posts and let’s all take a moment to pray for the lost souls who went in search of something great and wound up on my website and will never be able to unsee anything. Cheers!

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