I have an irrational need to try this new Taco Bell breakfast menu.

I LOVE Taco Bell with a passion that rivals my love of Bravo TV. Frankly, a night with Taco Bell while watching Bravo is about as perfect as it can get. Keep that in mind, Hubster, my birthday is coming up.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. How can she want that more than watching the Big Bang Theory and eating Taco Bell?!? On Big Bang nights I purposely plan out an appropriate menu with specific guidelines to honor thy Sheldon. To be true to Sheldon and his ways, Thursday should really always be pizza night. But I eat by mood because I have not perfected my robot ways just yet. So all food must be takeout in a styrofoam container, chinese box, or be carried in a paper bag with a plastic one over it.

So obviously, Taco Bell is out on Thursday nights.

But back to Taco Bell for breakfast. God you guys, you never let me say stay on the original topic.

So here’s my dilemma with going to get breakfast. What the hell will I choose to try first?!?! I mean, if the first taste isn’t good it may ruin forever the love I have for this food chain.

I am wracked with indecision.

I wish the Big Little was back from vacation already. She was a champion at food problem solving. I’d pull up a picture menu and she’d point to it.

All I had to do was order…

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