So a while back, Lola created a stockpile of cake grenades. We left off with her sitting on them like North Korea sits on their nukes and tries to play who will blink first games with the US. You can read about it here.

Last night Lola lobbed her first cake grenade. She was upset that I used this blog to mock her Olympic events and even more incensed that I dared to imply she would be a nightmare as an ice dancer. So right in the middle of the cold, cold night she took out power to housing on base.

The smoke detectors went off, the heat was gone, the water heater was going to give us cold showers. And I was going to be grumpy for daycare due to the interrupted sleep. Then right as I hit the point where I could close my daycare due to the lack of heat, cooking ability and safety of the children in a dark home….the power returns. And I have to get up.


Well played, Lola. Well played.

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