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Thank you sweet baby Jesus sitting in a manger, the Olympics are finally done. I mean, without gymnastics, there’s really no point. And all my shows were on repeat which really sends my evening life into disarray. Not to mention, it was held in Russia. Dear mother Russia, the place where gay people must run for their lives. Or keep very, very quiet. Despite what the government likes to tout to the outside world.

I, for one, managed to avoid all Olympic coverage as a form of protest about where the Olympics are being held. I mean, come on Olympic Committee, you should be picking places where human rights are upheld and dogs aren’t being poisoned by the thousands when they were previously accepted in the community.

And you just know all this “infrastructure” (a term I use very lightly since many reports state the lack of quality building) will be wasted which means the billions spent on it could have been used to rebuild the war-torn parts of their country. You know, the communist wastelands that never recovered???

Lesson learned, until people stop watching the stupid Olympics, the committee really has no urge to listen to our complaints on locations used. Though I feel terrible for all the poor athletes who worked so hard only to be boycotted.

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