Last night Lola participated in the highly anticipated “Women’s Sleep Relay event. And she took home the gold medal.

I went to bed late, Lola was already asleep with the Daddybeast so I tried to get in the bed quietly. I realized pretty quickly that it was too quiet. Lola had buried her face in the multitude of blankets the Daddybeast requires to stay alive at night. He thinks he lives in the arctic region and Lola agrees by shivering so she receives pity blankets.

I unburied Lola’s face and that seemed to ring a magic bell – the game was on.

Lola spent the rest of the night snoring periodically followed by a complete lack of noise and/or movement. Which, in turn, caused me to have to wake up and check for a pulse and nudge Lola to ensure breathing would continue.

Needless to say, we are both very tired today. I had to put on my Giant hat and take care of the Littles who came into daycare. I was so exhausted that I dreamed of sleeping in a crib while the Littles ran the show. But since my two biggest Littles have been duking it out all day, I decided that was a bad course of action. 

Lola was fortunate enough to get to do this all day:


I had a very scary thought after writing this post. What if Lola napped all day because she is plotting tonight’s events? Oh my god, what if she decides to learn ice dancing?!?! I mean, she’s a nut. She’d do it. 

Sometimes I wish my brain would just shut up.

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