Disclaimer: I have chosen to spell bleu cheese like so for this entire post. Why? Because bleu cheese is classy and blue cheese is not. And I feel like classing it up a bit. 

I am a migraine sufferer – I have had them for years but they have been very infrequent over the past 3 years or so. I kind of forgot I even got migraines because they had become so infrequent.

They are back with a vengeance.

Initially they had started again due to my getting hearing aids. Apparently, I was not destined to be able to hear what a normal human could hear. I persevered through it all and am getting used to living in the land of the hearing. Then, this past week, I had been flattened out by two migraines. I emailed my doctor and she asked what I had been eating. She instructed me to avoid parmesan cheese and went on to tell me how aged cheese contains a natural chemical in the aging process and that this can cause migraines. So I avoided aged cheese. Or so I thought…

Last night I asked the Hubster to take me to Outback Steakhouse. He deplores Outback. He loves steak, but claims the restaurant only serves freezer and not steak. Okie dokie…take me anyways.

Hubster sucked it up and I had the meal of my life. Until 0230 when my pounding head woke me from sleep. As I sat there contemplating sticking hot needles into my eyes and temples, I realized I had successfully avoided parmesan cheese….by eating bleu cheese.

That’s right, I replaced one aged cheese with another. And it wasn’t just a little bleu cheese. I had the bleu cheese wedge salad, with bleu cheese dressing, and bleu cheese crumbles. Then I ordered my steak with a bleu cheese crumb crust.


I am now on the other side of the migraine thanks to some quick thinking on my part. I’m missing aged cheeses like an elephant misses peanuts though. So here’s to hoping my doctor will give me preventive medicine this week so I can go back to eating aged cheese until my heart explodes with joy. I have written a poem to help me resist the cheese I know will bring about the end of my brain.

Ode to Bleu Cheese:

Oh bleu cheese, you are so yummy

I need you now, jump into my tummy.

You’ve been sitting in a cave somewhere in France,

I see you in the store and walk toward you in a trance.

Some may say you’re moldy, but I delight in you-u-u-u,

Be it Stilton, Roquefort, Cambozola or even Danablu.

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3 replies on “Ode to bleu cheese….

    1. I find that without the humor the migraine would just kill me slowly and painfully. I would track your aged cheese intake and write down when you eat it and when you get a migraine. After tracking mine for a week I realized the migraine always came within 12 hours or so. But I am determined to eat my cheese so tomorrow I get good meds from my doctor. Thank baby Jesus, without meds I’d still eat the cheese, but I wouldn’t be a pleasant human.


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