Apparently about Spam. I woke up startled and the first word out of my mouth was Spam! And I swear I could smell Spam.

I looked over at Lola and she is staring at me like I have lost my mind. And then I noticed she had a puddle of drool under her chin. Not typical for my Lola. She looked hungry. Maybe she also smelled the Spam, which is her very favorite thing in the world other than cheese.

At this point I was so disoriented that I thought Hubster must have snuck out of work in the middle of the night just to make himself Spam and rice at home.

Where am I? Am I sleeping? Do I smell Spam? Yes, yes I do.

I wandered out into the kitchen and there wasn’t a single Spam product in sight. I looked in the pantry and checked out my Spam section, all flavors were sealed. I even checked the garbage for a can sitting on top – there was nothing.

Maybe it’s a tumor?!

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