I read an article today that informed me if I could start exercising and make it through a month of participation, my habit would be set and I would maintain it easily.

And then I laughed and I laughed and I laughed.

I had a great friend in Hawai’i who encouraged me to go to the gym every day with her before work. Not only did she encourage me, she met me at the gym before I started work at 6am and then sat in our break room until her shift started at 9am. That’s a hell of a friend.

I went to the gym and I worked my butt off. I maintained a food journal, went to Weight Watchers, and had a nutritionist. After 10 months I lost 33 pounds and after feeling “not quite right” I went to the doctor and was told to hold the line. I had no more weight to lose and any more could start problems.

So I held the line for another 2 months while everyone told me I achieved the dream. I got to a goal weight and it would just be so easy to maintain. And then I just woke up and stopped going to the gym. I stopped Weight Watchers, I stopped journaling and I gave the nutritionist a heave-ho. For no good reason other than the fact that I don’t care if I am overweight. And I frankly don’t give a damn if you think I need to lose weight.

So when a fitness article tells you something will become a habit, ignore that advice. You must remind yourself every single day of what you want to do that day. Nothing is a habit that you cannot choose to stop any time you feel like it. And if you don’t want to go to the gym, don’t go. But please stop whining about how fat you are. Some of use are enjoying our cake and you are ruining our moment.

A close up picture of a slice of cake with the caption "bring your own fork"

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11 replies on “Stop whining about your weight…

  1. The whole weight loss culture promotes healthiness as a finish line that you cross. There’s no amount of weight that you can lose that you can’t find right back if you slack off hard enough. The idea of exercising automatically becoming a habit is ludicrous to me too. It’s uncomfortable and it sucks. How would your brain turn that into a habit?


    1. I agree. As soon as I stopped consciously thinking about it every morning and putting into my head that I wanted to do it, I just stopped going. There is never a finish, you just keep doing it. And I have to say, it’s a lot better to have the Twinkie. I’m comfortable with my weight and I happily fit into the Gap’s standard sizing, so what the heck more do I need in life?!!


      1. Being happy with how you look is so much more important than looking someway because you feel pressured to. I’ve had some issues with yo-yo dieting over the past couple years. When I fall off the wagon I tend to fall face first into a swimming pool of guacamole. Exercising as a chore just never worked for me. Luckily I’ve tricked myself into enjoying distance running somehow, so now I have exercise as a hobby! I still get burned out sometimes and take weeks off, but I catch myself when I’ve gained 5-10 lbs and I get motivated again. It’s still a yo-yo, but there’s a ton of water weight fluctuation with long distance running and that accounts for probably half of the gain so I don’t think I’m hurting myself too badly with my burrito benders.


  2. That’s what I love about you!!!! Your confidence and self awareness. You are what you are and the world can shank themselves!!! I love it.


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