I have dozens and dozens of cookies sitting around my house. I got this bright idea to go on a baking binge on Christmas day and now I have so many cookies I may die.

I had a couple of plans to get rid of the cookies. The first one entailed handing them out from my front door to the little kids who passed by while playing. Then I realized that I would be that lady in the neighborhood and I would probably be asked to leave housing. So plan A, down the tubes. 

Which really sucks because it required no effort on my part.

My next plan was to announce on Facebook that I had free cookies and you could come and pick them up. But I realized that hundreds of people might show up and leave really upset because they had no cookies. The alternative was to give every person who showed up just one cookie, but let’s face it, no one can eat just one cookie.

I would’ve been mobbed by an angry horde!

So my final plan, probably the one with the most merit, is to load the cookies into bags and deliver them myself. I really need a delivery company if I’m going to bake this much stuff. Maybe I could hire the local kids to deliver on their bikes. But I bet they would just eat them all and that would again make me that lady in the neighborhood.

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