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I, the kid born and raised for 24 years of my life in Hawai’i, have shamed my family and hometown culture.

I can’t use chopsticks.

There, I’ve said it. I love sushi – everything about the little rolls of fish and seaweed and rice with wasabi. It’s delicious! And I eat it like a heathen with my giant heathen hands since I can’t use chopsticks. Nothing is worse than sitting down with friends and out comes the perfectly formed roll of delicate fish and rice, which is then invaded by the heathen hands of Heather.

Recently I was out with one of the Littles and her mom for some sushi, since Hubster won’t go with me, and I had to admit my shame as I picked up the dainty sushi with my fingers. The next day at Target I found the solution to all my problems! Chopsticks for kids! It’s  like my dad is putting the rubber band on the chopsticks for me all over again.

So here’s to sushi without the fat fingers digging in!

A picture of a rubber girl with two chopsticks for legs. The rubber girl allows the chopsticks to open and close.

Where the hell were you yesterday?!?! Stupid pink pigtails could have saved me a little embarrassment. Not much though, these are embarrassing in their own way.

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