Disclaimer: I mock the Navy in this blog. It’s my birthright because I’ve been in the Navy since I was -9 months old. That’s when my dad and mom did something I never want to think about. And now I’m thinking about it. I am going to shank my brain and swirl now…

Today the Hubster came home from work and decided to regale me with stories about command PT – the forced exercising of people who would rather be sitting on a couch playing video games. Hubster starts rattling off figures, starting with the amount of miles he successfully completed on the bike – which never moved forward. Because I am amazing at the art of multi-tasking, I hear this:

blah,blah,blah, bake your cookies for 10 minutes, blah,blah,blah

Hubster tells me the PT leader then began the Joint Stretching Exercises. I wish I could say I made this sound more official than it really is, but the Navy has done that for me. They are obviously very valuable exercises to have been named so regally. These exercises are performed by the entire group of sailors while one person assures them that they can do it. The multi-tasking comes in handy as I once again hear everything that was said:

blah,blah,blah, take cookies out of oven when done, blah,blah,blah

This is the exact moment when my brain shifts into kill mode. I look at Hubster who seems to be awaiting a cookie, and possibly a smiley face sticker, and I deliver the best statement of my married life.

“Now raise the index finger on your dominant hand…and wiggle. Now raise the thumb on your dominant hand…and wiggle. Congratulations, you can now operate the fingers that control a computer mouse and phone. You’re good to go!”

Navy leads the way!!! Hooyah!


That workout has left me sleepy…

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