Dear Lola,

I recently asked a family member to watch my cat while I went on vacation. My cat is quite unsocial and really only needs minimal human presence for an hour or two each day. I told my cousin that simply coming by at feeding times and spending an hour or so each day in the living room would be sufficient. My cousin ended up sleeping at my home while I was gone and spending the entire week with my kitty, despite living within minutes of my house. I returned home to a very happy cat and an even happier relative. She said my cat is a dream and really loved snuggling her and spending time with her. As I reflected on it over the next few weeks, I realized my cat and I are roommates and nothing more. My cat doesn’t snuggle me and rarely hangs out in the same room I’m in. She also seems to be staring at the door often, as if she’s waiting for her human to come back. After talking to my cousin again, she said maybe we aren’t a great fit and that the cat needs someone more social and interactive. Would I be a terrible person to let my cousin have my cat whom she clearly has a bond with?


Cold Cattitude

Dear Cold Cattitude,

I would like to take this opportunity to applaud you, dear reader. You clearly love your feline and have realized that your relationship is not as fulfilling as it could be. Instead of making your feline live in a situation where she isn’t emotionally fulfilled, you’ve come to the mature conclusion that maybe it’s best to place her with someone more like-minded. How fortunate for you both that there is a wonderful owner right in your own family who loves your fur baby and will care for her well.

You can’t see it, but I’m giving you a standing ovation.

I think rehoming a pet should always be done with great care and forethought. It sounds like you have spent weeks going over the pros and cons. Rest assured, I think your relative is going to have a very happy life with your feline friend if their bond was so well established in just a week of living together. I also feel I should mention a rather huge benefit – you’re close enough to visit any time you need a feline fix.

Be sure to bring treats when you visit!


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