Dear Lola,

I am getting my first dog now that I am an adult living on my own. I picked out the perfect cutie from an adoption center but I really hate the dog’s current name. I told my friends I was going to change his name during the adoption process and they thought I was wrong to do so. While I understood their point, the dog has only had this name since he’s been with the shelter. Since he was a stray, they do not know what his name was previously. My friends think this is even more of a reason not to reassign his name and cause more confusion. Would I be wrong to pick a new name?


New Name Game

Dear New Name Game,

I love it when a question comes in and it takes me no time at all to decide on a course of action. This letter provides me with just such a case. I am going to use my own personal story as a guide for you and any other canine owners out there who may be considering this dilemma. You see, my original name at birth was not Lola as it is today.

My birthname was actually Snickers, as in the candy bar.

Or maybe it was Twix. Actually, it could have been M&M’s now that I think about it. I know for a fact I was one of those, but in all reality I cannot actually remember. I was a tiny tot of a canine who hadn’t even opened my eyes, and the names of candy bars were all around me in my earliest days of life. I was born in a rather large litter and each of the Miniature Humans in the household were allowed to name one of us after their favorite candy bar.

It was a delicious bit of mayhem that haunts me to this day.

Fast forward a few weeks later, my actual Mommybeast met me and I informed her she was taking me home by nuzzling her neck. She promptly proclaimed me Lola and I’ve loved her ever since. Heck, I knew we were destined to be together when she chose my middle name – Chunkerella. I mean, could I ask for a better name?! It didn’t end there. By the time I was 6 months old, I had racked up an impressive list of nicknames that were bandied about depending on the mood of my Mommybeast.

I now have an astonishing number of sobriquets and I answer to them all.

I have no doubt that your new canine would be honored to be given a title that you chose just for him. He would also appreciate a few nicknames, but those should probably not be introduced until he knows his primary name. It’s important that canines know when they actually need to focus on what their humans are saying and when you’re just commenting on our adorable antics. Once your new canine has learned his new moniker, feel free to let the nicknames fly. I recommend trying Bubbles, Mr. Flufferton, Peach Pit, and Smush Face for starters.

He will answer to them all, just in case there is a piece of cheese present you would like to share.


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