Dear Lola,

My dog has a really weird habit of letting his tongue hang out of his mouth all day. The tongue is out when he sleeps, when he goes on walks, when he watches us eat, and even while he watches TV. I thought he would stop this behavior as he got older, but it’s been two years and there is still a one inch section of tongue leading the way. Why does my dog do this?


Weird Waldo

Dear Weird Waldo,

Have you ever heard the expression about spilling the beans? How about the one that talks about the cookie crumbling? The popular phrase about the proof in the pudding? Or the reference to two peas in a pod? Then there are the classics – paid in peanuts, cream of the crop, buttering someone up, having cake and eating it too… do you see where I’m going with this? In case it has escaped your notice, allow me to enlighten you to the rather obvious fact that humans have a food euphemism for nearly every scenario they may encounter throughout their lives.

Can you blame a canine for becoming confused?!

Imagine being a tiny canine, new to the world of human companionship. Bombarded by tasty smells no matter which way you turn, you begin to understand the basic words that relate to things you want to eat. Unfortunately, due to the confusing nature of human conversation, you are never sure when and where those treats will appear. It’s up to the mighty canine to figure out the best way to proceed and it sounds like your canine has decided to navigate his world at the ready.

Tongue out, your canine is prepared to taste anything and everything.

A very sound decision, I applaud your canine for his dedication to never missing a single taste of anything that life offers to him. I think instead of calling his behavior weird, you should embrace life as fully as your canine companion does.

After all, you never know when a human is going nuts because they are excited to eat their snack.


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