Dear Lola,

My partner enjoys spending a large chunk of her free time in our garden, staring at the clouds. She loves to point them out and talk about the things she can see in each puffy blob. I find this hobby dull and not worth the neck pain it causes. Why do some people enjoy looking at these boring puffs floating in the sky?


Bored Beau

Dear Bored Beau,

Dull and not worth the neck pain? I want to ask if you are referring to your own qualities but I’m refraining due to societal norms which require a modicum of politeness be maintained. As someone who loves to stare at the clouds overhead, I assure you my politeness is being dredged up from deep inside my canine belly.

Have you ever heard of a tornado?!

Dull, they are not. Imagine staring at a blob of cloud – white and fluffy, floating without a care in the world. Now imagine that cloud darkening in color, changing rapidly as you stare in wide-eyed fascination. Then, suddenly, the cloud begins to gain volume, taking over the sky until there is no sunlight left to see. Thundering sounds assault your ears from every direction and a swirling vortex opens up overhead, waiting to inhale the Earth for its midday snack.

Impending doom is anything but boring.

So the next time you feel the urge to write off the clouds drifting on a gentle afternoon breeze, be sure to pay them the respect they deserve. Or you may just become their next meal. Oh, and if you happen to see a hippopotamus cloud pass by, please tell him that I’d love to chat about how his vacation over Italy went.


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