Dear Lola,

My family recently adopted a cat and brought him home for our two young children. Unfortunately, our cat seems to hate children with a passion. He hisses when they come near and he bites them if they try to pet him. He seems to tolerate myself and my spouse, though he’s not very affectionate. We thought he needed time to settle in but it’s been a few months and the only person he consistently loves is my father. My husband wants to give the cat to my dad – who loved the idea – but I have become quite attached to the cat since we got him. Even though my dad lives close by so I can visit often, it won’t be the same as having the cat in the house. What should I do?


Frisked by a Feline

Dear Frisked by a Feline,

Your first mistake was picking out an animal for your family without having the entire family meet him beforehand to assure a good fit – an oversight on the part of the animal rescue you used. I recommend that the next animal you decide to adopt be introduced to everyone who lives in the house. I also recommend you turn your sights to an adorable canine companion who is sure to lavish the entire family with kisses and cuddles in exchange for tasty treats.

Felines serve one master and it is not the pesky human who feeds them.

I think your husband is correct in his idea to give the feline to your father. Obviously the two have established a bond in the short time they’ve known each other. It would be good for both of them to have each other. While you may be temporarily gutted at giving up your feline friend, surely your Miniature Humans deserve a family pet that isn’t intent on destroying their happiness one claw swipe at a time.

Imagine the future therapy bills when you all develop a phobia to felines.

If that isn’t enough to sway you, I have one more idea that may work. Purchase a second home next door to the first and install the feline as the head of the household. You can spend your evenings in that home, slavishly fulfilling every wish and whim the creature can concoct.

I imagine after a few months of that, you’ll wonder why you didn’t choose the easy course of action which would have resulted in a happy father and an ecstatic feline.


P.S. I do not recommend that a family give up an animal on a whim. Pets are a commitment and humans should do everything in their power to make it work. However, when the animal is not happy and neither are the humans, sometimes it becomes necessary. In this one scenario, there is a responsible party who can take on the ownership of the animal and ensure it is cared for properly. Please consider how much time, money, and personal effort an animal will require before you adopt one.

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