Dear Lola,

I absolutely love all potato chips, but I’ve long treasured one brand in particular. Pringles, with their odd shape and cardboard tube, are my favorite. Yet I often wonder why Pringles were invented, since they require more effort to produce and no one seemed to mind the varying shapes of the original chip design. Why do you think the inventor of Pringles spent his time working on a new style of potato chip?



Dear PoTAYto PoTAHto,

At this very moment, in millions of households across the world, humans are opening a bag of potato chips. The melodious sounds coming from the television screen are suddenly replaced by a cacophony of crinkling and crackling plastic. Eager hands reach into the bag, desperate for a crispy bite of potatoey goodness, only to be met with pile of potato dust particles and grease. Anguished eyes peer into the depths of the dark bag and see nothing but a pile of crumbs.

It is in this moment that a villain is born.

Thankfully, there once lived a man who knew this did not have to be the only choice for mankind. Scientist by day, prolific potato chip nosher by night, this man spent his life working to perfect the snacking experience for all future generations. No more noisy bags, greasy hands, or broken bits to ruin the hopes and dreams of a snacking society.

He deserves a Nobel Prize for his mouthwatering morsels.

There is, however, one major flaw in every single can of Pringles – the magnificent ‘pop’ when the top comes off. Is it an extremely mellifluous sound? It is. Does it cause even the most serious of faces to break into a smile? It does. Has the popping of the Pringles top been known to end sibling wars in mere seconds? It has.

The ‘pop’ of a Pringles tube can be heard for miles in all directions.

Instead of wasting your time pondering the origins of this snacking miracle, I suggest you pop open a can of Pringles and begin inhaling them at record speed. Or else you’ll have to share.


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2 replies on “Dear Lola – Reinvention leads to success…

  1. Dear Lola,
    Omigosh you’re brilliant! I must admit I do fancy a bag of good old Wise potato chips since they remind me of my childhood! Pringles do solve the broken bits problem though, that’s for sure. They also have a variety of flavors for your snacking pleasure!
    Thanks for sharing, we love you!

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