Dear Lola,

Is it true? Can it be? Did you really write a book? Or was it two?!


Advice Aficionado

A cartoon rendering of a book with a picture of Lola sitting in her chair. On the opposite page it says 'Suddenly, just when the humans were about to give up, Lola appeared to help!'

Dear Advice Aficionado,

Yes, it is true! The Dear Lola series is now available on Amazon. Volumes one and two are available in ebook format as well as two paperback options – a color edition, or greyscale for those who prefer to spend their money on snacks.

I will never judge you for spending your money on snacks.

Packed full of your favorite letters from this blog, both volumes also feature never before seen letters from humans in need of dire help. I’ve even forced my Mommybeast into cartoon production so each chapter has something fun to look at. Let’s face it, sometimes words are hard and a cartoon can sum up a problem perfectly.

And sometimes I just need a break to eat my snacks.

Dear Lola volume one ebook, paperback, full color edition.

Dear Lola volume two ebook, paperback, full color edition.

For those who have expressed a desire to support my writing by purchasing the option that best helps me, please choose whichever format fits your budget. The royalty I earn is the same no matter which book you purchase. The reason for the wildly varying prices is the cost that Amazon charges for the printing of the paperbacks. Apparently, color ink is made from the tears of unicorns and they charge accordingly.


Lola wants to hear from you. Send in your questions today by clicking the link in the menu at the top of the page. You can also reach Lola at any of my social media channels.

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