Dear Lola,

I work in a fairly small office with only six people. The other day, one of my coworkers invited another coworker, and her husband, over for dinner at her house. I found this to be quite rude because the invite was given in full view of the others who were not included. When I brought it up with my husband, he said I was being too sensitive. Am I being too sensitive or was this coworker wrong for inviting someone to her home in front of me?


Excluded Eleanor

Dear Excluded Eleanor,

I really hate to say it, but I do think you are being a tad bit sensitive in regard to this dinner invite. I will also say that your coworker was being a tad bit uncouth when inviting someone over to her home in front of others who were not receiving an invite.

However, there is a rather simple solution to this dramatic situation.

Invite your coworker to dinner at your home. It may seem like a novel idea that invitations can be extended to people even if they have not extended one to you, but it is not. I can assure you that your coworker has probably not planned to sting you with the crushing disappoint of not attending her casserole night. She most likely saw her coworker and the invite slipped out without thought of who was listening in. Eavesdropping is also a tad bit uncouth, while we’re on the subject. I think it’s a good idea to give your coworker the benefit of the doubt that she’s a lovely person.

Unless your coworker wears a full face helmet and cape around the office.

In which case, you’re going to need a lightsaber and some fancy footwork to vanquish this mighty foe who has crushed your tender feelings.


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