Dear Lola,

I currently have three cats and I would like to get another one. My parents and boyfriend think I have enough as it is. I own my home and have plenty of room for another cat. I also keep my house very clean and make sure the cats are always picked up after. My family’s aversion seems to be that I am going to become a ‘cat lady’ and my boyfriend agrees. None of their arguments are about the cleanliness or care I provide for my pets. How many cats is too many?


Crazy Cat Lady

Dear Crazy Cat Lady,

You wrote to a canine, asking for advice about felines. I’m not sure you are going to get the answers you seek, but I will do my best to remain impartial.

One feline is too many.

I guess I couldn’t stay impartial for long. In my defense, those mean creatures are masters at terrorizing innocent canines who are just out to make the human population smile. If you absolutely have to own one, do us all a favor and make sure you keep them behind closed doors. I shudder to think what happened the last time I met a feline outdoors. It’s a wild animal for goodness sakes! You don’t believe me?

They waltz around without a leash on… like savages!

Alright, alright, my Mommybeast is commanding me to give you real advice since you took the time to write in about your problem. (To my fellow canines, I apologize. I know that what I am about to say goes against the code of canine conduct. Alas, this is my job as a human helper and I must fulfill it even when I disagree.)

Have as many felines as you like.

As long as you are providing a safe and clean environment, and can provide your felines with the appropriate medical care, it is no one’s business how many felines you own. However, I feel I need to add that just because you can have another feline, doesn’t mean you should. If adding another pet to your menagerie means family and friends will stop visiting, you need to consider if the trade is worth it.

Felines may be great company, but their conversational skills are limited.

Unlike my majestic species, who can talk about any topic with complete authority.


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One thought on “Dear Lola – Cat collection upsets family…

  1. Hi Heather,
    That’s so funny…as a cat lover I can relate to the writer, but in my experience 2 is the best number…
    Thanks for the chuckle.
    Love you all!

    Liked by 1 person

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