Dear Lola,

I’ve heard a rumor that your second book is now available on Amazon. Is it true?

Advice Aficionado 

A cartoon rendering of a book with a picture of Lola sitting in her chair. On the opposite page it says 'Suddenly, just when the humans were about to give up, Lola appeared to help!'

Dear Advice Aficionado,

Yes, it is true! The second volume of Dear Lola is now available on Amazon.

An untold amount of cake was harmed in the writing of this book.

Packed full of letters from humans in need of help, this volume sees Lola continuing to guide those who would otherwise be aimlessly bumping into walls. I also managed to dig up a box of crayons to put together some cartoons that compliment Lola’s sage advice! Check out the blurb from the back cover –

Lola is back with another jam-packed book of answers to those important life questions we all have. Why are grapes called grapes? Who is responsible for setting the rules of etiquette? Could something as simple as a donut have saved the dinosaurs from extinction? Now that you are freed from researching all these subjects, you have time for a piece of pizza!

Lola’s signature brand of wisdom, combined with Heather’s sharp wit, will leave you marveling* for days.

*Marveling is not a guarantee.

While some of your favorite letters from the blog are included, this book features many exclusives – including 51 all new cartoons.

Your belly will hurt from laughter, much like mine hurts from the cake.

Dear Lola volume two ebook, paperback, full color edition. Pick up your copy today!



A book cover showing Lola sitting in her thinking chair while wearing eyeglasses.

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