A busy day ends.
As your body relaxes,
doubt creeps in slowly.

Dishes were loaded,
but did you start the machine?
A sigh fills the room.

Dragging yourself up,
you shuffle through the dark house.
Blast and damn! It’s on.

About Adulthood in Disguise

This series is intended to highlight the ridiculous antics of adulthood – a milestone we all wanted to reach as quickly as we could. Unfortunately, the reality of adulthood is not the endless cake and cookie feast we all believed it to be. It turns out, there are a lot of monthly bills and no one cooks you dinner!

5 replies on “The exasperating bedtime routine…

    1. I am loving the response to this series, I had no idea so many people felt the same way I do. And I think the haiku format lends a bit of whimsy to the complexities of adulthood.


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