It was a beautiful morning. The sky was blue, the sun was shining, the grass was green and covered in a layer of dew. The air had the stirrings of spring, fresh and full of new life. As Lola pranced in the sunshine, a ladybug joined her with its own delightful dance, fluttering its delicate wings.

If this were a movie, ominous music would begin to play.

Out of the corner of the yard, a sinister shadow began to move. Slowly, as if testing the firmness of the grass, the shadow creeped further into the yard. Lola turned, unsure if her presence had been noted. As the shadow cast a baleful eye in her direction, Lola knew it was time to act.

With a threatening growl, Lola sprinted across the ground.

Her strides tearing up the earth, grass and dirt flew up behind Lola’s paws with increasing speed. No longer able to growl, her breaths heaved out much like a thoroughbred’s during a long stretch in the Triple Crown. Gone was the playful bulldog, in its place was a mindless machine who had one goal – defend the perimeter from attack.

The shadow crouched down and prepared for its final move.

With a giant leap, the brown blob jumped up into the air and kicked his large hind legs out behind him. So stunned from this sudden movement, Lola frantically screeched to a halt to assess the situation. Deeming the intruder a dwindling threat, and too exhausted to return to a state of motion, Lola merely woofed as the intruder quickly hopped his way back under the fence line. Lola knew this was only a temporary retreat.

The bunny would be back for the wild flowers in the yard.


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