Dear Lola,

I recently went on a trip to care for a loved one during a medical emergency. My fiancé stayed behind since it wasn’t necessary to have both of us in the hospital room. When I arrived home after two weeks away, I found my dog had been sorely neglected. Bandit wasn’t walked, instead being let out onto our tiny cement patio where all of his business had piled up over the weeks. He had also lost enough weight for me to notice it immediately. I don’t think the term yelling is strong enough for what I sent in my fiancé’s direction. My fiancé maintains that while he may have skipped the walks and forgotten to feed a meal or two, Bandit was ‘just fine.’ I don’t know how to move past this.

Raging Rachel

A cartoon rendering of Lola sitting in the front seat of a car saying "I better hurry, the humans need me!"

Dear Raging Rachel,

I couldn’t find a strong enough word to use in place of raging that wouldn’t also see me banished to the adult section of the Amazon bookshelf so we’re going to stick with raging for now. It doesn’t feel like enough, but I’m not sure anything will ever feel like enough when it comes to describing the anger I feel when faced with a monster.

Suffice it to say, I now understand how Henry VIII could order a loved one’s beheading.

I’m going to skip all of my usual jokes and witty repartee and get straight to the matter at hand. You need to leave this monster. Seriously, leave him behind and find someone better. Someone who has your values, your kindness, your sense of duty. Caring for a defenseless animal is a hard line that has no wiggle room. Bandit relies on his humans for food, water, and especially love – he’s a pack animal who wouldn’t betray you even if it meant he starved to death.

That’s why canines are man’s best friend.

If you think I am being harsh, then ask yourself this question. Will you ever trust your partner with Bandit’s care in the future? Then think further down the marriage line. Will you ever trust him with the care of your children? This man, and I use that word loosely, who decided to feed himself while watching your canine go hungry – is he really who you want to spend your life with?!

Imagine how awful Bandit must have felt as he watched your fiancé eat dinner.

I’m sorry, I know I just made you burst into tears – my Mommybeast is looking a bit worse for wear at the moment also. Hold onto this feeling if your confidence waivers as you kick that monster out of the house.


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