Dear Lola,

I heard you have published a book. Is it true?

Faithful Follower

A photo of the Dear Lola book cover, showing a cartoon Lola

Dear Faithful Follower,

It is true!

I did publish a book and I’m proud to show it off. Full of canine wisdom, this book has some of your favorite Dear Lola letters from 2018, in addition to never before seen letters. Not one to be outdone, my Mommybeast worked her tail off (pun intended) on 57 all new cartoons of me, the fabulous advice columnist.

Yes, I said 57 new cartoons!

Dear Lola volume 1 is available in the Amazon marketplace in eBook format, and two paperback options – black and white, and a full color edition. Check your local Amazon website today or click the  links to shop the US marketplace.

Be sure to follow our Amazon author page for updates, including the upcoming release of Dear Lola volume 2!


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