Dear Lola,

Where have you been? I feel like you’ve been off the blog for ages. Maybe you’re just planning your next dinosaur invasion. 

Your Avid Reader

Advice for humans. They need all the help they can get.

Dear Avid Reader,

I miss you all so much. For the past week, and the next two, I’m having wild adventures with my two Miniature Human cousins. My Mommybeast loves them so, so much – but she claims to love me even more. I’ve tested that fact by requiring more love confirming cuddles and an even greater number of kisses than ever before. I won’t lie to you all, it has been both a wonderful time and a time of great sorrow. You see, my Miniature Human cousins are just four and six years old. That’s an adorable age, but it’s also an age which means I knock them head over feet any time I get close to them and try to play.

I have to get the Miniature Humans before they get me!

Wish us all luck as we try to outwit one another, but wish me slightly more luck because I definitely don’t want to end up losing. Those Mini Humans may end up putting a saddle on me and yelling ‘giddy up.’ I promise you I won’t giddy up at all… and they will regret even trying.

Oh, and I’m also planning my next dinosaur invasion with the devious minds of the Miniature Humans.


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