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Dear Lola,

There is a cat in our neighborhood who frequently wanders into our backyard for sunbathing and a cuddle from whoever happens to be near. He wears a collar and looks to be in great health, so he’s not really a stray cat. My daughter and I have developed a fondness for this kitty and there are many evenings when he wants to come inside our home for a visit. I admit that I’ve begun letting him in while we watch television. He leaves within an hour or two, usually by sitting at the glass door and meowing. My daughter wonders why we cannot adopt this cat and give him an indoor life – and I’m starting to think maybe we should just adopt this kitty by setting him up permanently inside our home. He would be safe from the elements and lead a longer life if not exposed to the outdoors. What do you think?

Cat Catcher

Advice for humans. They need all the help they can get.

Dear Cat Catcher,

I just want to be clear – this feline comes by for a cuddle every few days or so, has a collar on to declare his humans like him, and looks very healthy and well cared for – and you think you can give him a better life so you’ll keep him?!

That’s not adoption, that’s catnapping!

I hope you don’t feed your Miniature Human sugary cereal for breakfast, because anyone who thinks oat bran is better will come take your precious love away from you. Then you can sit in your home and cuddle that stolen feline – knowing that at any moment someone can come take him also!

Your way of thinking will come in handy during a post apocalyptic society when governments are a thing of the past.

Until then, I recommend you teach your Miniature Human to respect that just because you think the feline would be better cared for by your family, doesn’t mean you can just take it. Enjoy the furball when he drops by, cuddle him in the summer sunshine that is on the way. You can even let him inside while you watch television – provided you leave a door open.

Think how often his human has called him, with none of you hearing it over the blaring sounds of the tv.

Felines are the wanderers of this earth. While he may enjoy a temporary couch cushion, there is a reason he meows to be let back out. I shudder to think what he would do if not allowed his freedom. I bet at least one set of curtains has met an early end at the paws of this mighty traveler.


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