Last week I finally achieved my dream of publishing my first book. Unfortunately, no one warned me about a serious condition that some writers develop once they get that first book finished.

Rattling Brain Syndrome.

Apparently the book took up a lot of space in my skull and now I have valuable real estate up for grabs. As I frantically catch up on all the words the internet produced over the last year, I had a bit of a meltdown. There was short-circuiting and a bit of smoke coming from my ears, so I’ve decided to give it a break for today and share with you a few funny thoughts I had before my brain turned to goo.

Brain Diamond 17

I have my evil laugh perfected for the moment we finally meet.

Brain Diamond 18

I love those little bites of pizza – they’re dangerously delicious.

Brain Diamond 19

Just using the phrase now probably put me on a watchlist…

Brain Diamond 20

I’m not sure who the nearest Frank Furter is, but Lola is going to find you – and probably lick you because your name made her hungry!

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51 replies on “Smoke can’t be a good sign…

    1. It hasn’t started yet… so disappointing! I will definitely let you know when it begins though, just remember to hit play on your iPod so that I have a soundtrack while you eat your popcorn.


  1. Such an achievement to have your 1st book out there Heather! Maybe working on another book could fill the gap? Alfie wants to know what your cheese budget is – so he can make sure I’m not short changing him 🐾 Thanks for being a brilliant #dreamteam host xx

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  2. Oh I just love your first thought Heather, that you know you are the villain in someone’s life. What a great phrase! I too am the villain in someone’s life but I already know who she is. Yes we have come face to face many times. She’s called my mother-in-law……! #dreamteam

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