Welcome to another week of Global Blogging! I co-host every week with Laura from Musings of a Tired Mummy. The link up opens on Monday at 6am and closes on Tuesday at 10pm, London time. We welcome all bloggers and any type of post!

My Favorite Post

I just published my first Amazon book so I really connected with This Scribbler Mum’s post about publishing lessons learned. Please support a fellow author by checking out her book and purchasing it for a young person in your life!

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3 replies on “#GlobalBlogging link up 97…

    1. I host another link up and we switched to the new inlinkz there and it has definitely been a learning curve. The thing we realized was, you have to create a new account because old inlinkz and new inlinkz are their own entities. Once I created a second account, I stopped having so many issues with linking up. I don’t think they will let us continue using this old method for much longer, they’ve been pushing everybody to update their software or risk not being able to do parties.


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