Dear Lola,

I have two children that I walk to and from school each day. When dropping off my daughters, the other mums stand around in small groups and chat with one another. I’ve also overheard them inviting each other to the coffee shop just around the corner. I have never been approached by any of the other mums and am feeling very left out. I usually return to my home where I spend my days waiting for my girls to get out of school. How can I get these mean mums to include me in their chats?

Marooned by the Mean Mums

Dear Lola

Dear Marooned by the Mean Mums,

I am perplexed by this entire letter, and one cannot blame the human to canine translation. I know this because even my Mommybeast is wearing a furrowed brow as she reads this letter aloud to me. We cannot seem to identify any mean moms in this group at all.

YOU may actually be the mean mom in this scenario.

Hear me out. The other moms are dropping off their kids, making small talk, generally in good spirits. No one is whispering behind your back and avoiding eye contact. These moms are inviting each other to grab a coffee and catch up on life – supporting one another through the parenting slog. You are staring at them, saying nothing at all.

You didn’t even mention waving hello to the group as you approach.

I’m going to give you some practical advice that has been working for my species over the past several thousand years. Approach the group slowly and say hello. Make sure your face looks non-menacing, a doggy grin usually does wonders for my friendships and I can’t imagine it hurting you. Once you’ve said hello you can even introduce yourself so that people have a name to call you. If you know someone’s name, you can invite them for coffee.

It’s really very simple to make a friend.

If none of that advice works, you could always try to sniff the other mom’s butts – my species has proven it is the fastest, most effective way to build a lasting friendship!


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39 replies on “Dear Lola – Marooned by the mean mums…

  1. oh Lola as sweet as you are, I think your advice on sniffing other human butts may actually cause this dear lady to be arrested lol, it is a tough one isn’t it, but I agree a non menacing look and a wave may work! #DreamTeam

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  2. You know what Lola you are right – sometimes us humans can completely misjudge a situation and get it all wrong. You have to put yourself out there and at least give it a try. What’s the worst that could happen??? #DreamTeam

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  3. Sound advice Lola, I think we humans read to much into things sometimes. Who says they are mean moms perhaps they perhaps they perceive Marooned as the stuck up one. All it takes is a smile, a wave and the next day some small talk #dreamteam

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