Today we’re talking about cake. I know some of you may feel this topic has been discussed enough – but that’s only because you’ve obviously experienced an emotional trauma that has rendered you temporarily senseless.

There is never enough cake in this world.

A close up picture of a slice of cake with the caption

I’ve compiled a list of six reasons you should love cake, and three reasons not to. I did weeks of research to compile this list, scouring cake websites that left me drooling. Alright, I’ll admit it, I didn’t actually do any research – I was much too busy eating cake to look at it online. I did, however, think very hard about what I should write on this list as I forked cake at record speeds.

6 Reasons to Love Cake

  • There is a cake for every time of the day. Breakfast cakes, lunch cakes, dinner cakes, tea cakes – see where I’m going with this?!
  • Cake can fill the void in your life left by shitty people. You know who those shitty people are, but you no longer care because cake is your new friend.
  • Every birthday is an experiment in how many candles a cake can hold before it collapses. Look at that, we’ve incorporated science into cake!
  • There is an endless number of cake flavors so you never get bored. Don’t believe me? I’ve seen cilantro cake. For the record, it was disgusting.
  • When cake is paired up with its best friend ice cream, you can dance across your living room without your feet ever touching the ground.
  • Even the ugliest cake can be made to look pretty with the addition of sprinkles. Sprinkles dazzle the mind and leave people with the impression you belong on a baking show.

3 Reasons Not to Love Cake

  • You’ve recently had a stomach illness and cake came out the wrong end. Take a day to recover, the cake will be waiting for you to try again.
  • You were a judge on a cake baking show comprised of amateur bakers who were overconfident in their baking skills. Raw cake does not taste good, we understand your hesitation to try another slice.
  • You are a robot and cannot process any liquids or solids.

Now I’m off to enjoy a slice of my newest creation so I’ll leave you with this friendly word of caution.

A text card that says 'my mother raised me right, but if you touch my cake... I will shank you.'

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28 replies on “6 reasons to love cake, and 3 reasons not to…

  1. Hello Heather,

    I love cake so I love this post!

    Thank you for sharing your love of cake and the reasons behind it. The reasons why we shouldn’t love cake are worth considering but ultimately, cake wins!

    Glad to follow you on Twitter!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is a huge thing in the US! We just love cake and ice cream together. Pie and ice cream. Cookies and ice cream. Brownies and ice cream. Ice cream with basically everything. Oh, and many of us love dipping hot French fries (chips) into soft serve ice cream. Delicious!


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