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Hello everyone and welcome to #ShankYouPets! This is an Instagram community for those of us who love our pets like kids. Link up with me each week using the tag #ShankYouPets and I’ll post my favorites right here every Sunday. You’ll get to enjoy cute animal photos, attract new Instagram followers, and pick up a cool new badge if you are featured!

A photo of a bunny eating leaves

This week, one of the members of our pet community had to say goodbye to their beloved Batman. I think one of the hardest things about being a pet parent is the inevitable goodbye. I’m so sorry for your loss Mackenzie, and I hope the kids are doing ok.


A photo collage showing a French bulldog, two cats looking angry, and a dog being carried down the stairs

This week saw some new friends join in! Weeman is the french bulldog on the top, he’s enjoying some wonderful sunshine in sunny California. The two cats – Tiguan and Jetta – have finally been given their own Insta account – a form of protest that their new sister gets too much attention. Speaking of their new sister, there she is being carried down the staircase. Carried by her human because being a dainty princess is key to life success. Great job Stella – Lola loves to be carried down the steps also!

Shank You Very Much
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