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Dear Lola,

I have a question about a classic Disney movie. How did Lady and the Tramp find the beginning and end of the spaghetti without even trying? Do dogs really have the lip ability to suck spaghetti up? My dog eats his food like a maniac and I’m wondering if I should be expecting better table manners out of him. 

Spaghetti is Served

Dear Lola

Dear Spaghetti is Served,

You have combined three of my favorite topics – Disney, dogs, and food! In an effort to provide you with the very best answer, I’m willing to do extensive research into this, starting with a sizable serving of spaghetti. I will first try to slurp it up, paying careful attention to my lip technique to see if this feat is possible. Then I will have a second plate of pasta to see if I am able to easily grab the end of a single spaghetti strand. My third experiment will be to invite my canine neighbor, Arrow, over for a feast of fedelini.

I am willing to sacrifice my sleek runner’s body for the sake of my readers.

Due to the tyranny of the Mommybeast, I’ve been informed that I cannot eat a plateful of pasta, let alone 3 of them. Apparently I am ‘borderline chubby’ and she fears any weight gain will result in a higher than average veterinarian bill. I think she’s being ridiculous, but I cannot cook my own pasta so I will have to allow this travesty to play out – there will be ‘puddles’ on the floor tonight.

We’ll never know if dogs can slurp spaghetti from a plate, a single strand at a time. We will also never know if two dogs would be able to each pluck out the end of the same strand, finishing the bite with a kiss. All because I live in a dictatorship.

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