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Sometimes I miss working with other humans. The conversation and laughter, most definitely the sharing of snacks, are things that I miss most often. It’s very hard to bake as much as I like to when there are few people to share those goodies with. As generous as my neighbor is with her snack-eating offer, at some point I’m worried she’ll demand I pay a nutritionist to fix the damage I’ve done to her body.

She has photos to prove that all her problems started when I moved in next door!

This melancholy only lasted about two minutes before my brain started listing all the perks of working from home. I’ve limited myself to six because any more than that and you’ll all quit your jobs in the middle of the work day. I need some of you to remain at your posts so that my Amazon orders will ship on time!

6 Perks of Working from Home

  • I don’t get sick when coworkers come to work claiming they are ‘perfectly fine’ because they already used all their sick days while catching up on the latest Netflix binge show.
  • I can binge on the newest Netflix shows and I won’t need to use up my sick days to do it! I can also go to a movie the very day it releases and avoid the crowds by seeing it during office hours. Then I can spoil the movie with running social media commentary about the plot twists as I am watching it. Not that I’ve ever done that…
  • I don’t have to smell the noxious fumes from a coworker who thought nothing of bringing in what smells to be a rotted diaper filled by a bowel-challenged toddler but is in fact their leftovers from dinner the night before.
  • I can wear sweatpants to work and no one will pass me over for a promotion. You can’t even get away with this in the gym profession anymore, now you must wear dressy yoga pants that cost more than my house!
  • I get as many sick days as I want. I crawl into bed with an iPhone and no one knows the difference! As far as everyone is concerned, I’m sitting at my desk in a perfectly professional outfit and utilizing my time wisely. Now where did I put that remote control for the TV?!
  • I spend my days with Lola, capturing Instagramable photos that showcase her naturally pearly canines. Sometimes we get in the car and drive around to see what’s what in our neighborhood. What’s what is code for food trucks. It can also be code for ice cream. Cake too, if I’m being honest. Now that I think about it, what’s what is code for ‘doing lots of work-related stuff’ because Hubster might read this post and I’m hoping he will only remember this last sentence.

Now that I’ve made you all sad about your work day as you think about that cute pet you left home all alone, I’m off to bake a cake and eat it all by myself.

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