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Lola has decided to wage a campaign to get me to love spring. She loves everything about the season, while I pray that winter will never end. I love cold weather, dark days, and the excuse to live in pajamas. Sadly, spring marks the end of all of that. Since I’m an optimistic person by nature, I’ve dug deep to find five things I could look forward to…maybe.

Opening the windows and letting in air.

Sure, that air is full of pollen that makes my eyes watery and my nose itchy. And yes, the wind creates a dust nightmare on every piece of furniture. On second thought, this is not a reason to love spring. I’m sorry, I tried.

Cleaning the house and decluttering your life.

I love to declutter! Then two days into the nightmare I can’t find anything and my back hurts. Hubster is yelling because I’ve decluttered his favorite clothing. I also realize I have no shoes to wear because I hastily got rid of all my cold weather shoes. Spring, you are really sapping my strength to live.

The days get longer.

Oh look, the sun is still up at 7pm. I’m going to get so much accomplished! Then the sun comes up at 5 in the morning and you realize that this season is just a big joke played by the universe on those of us who love to sleep. Reason 3 to not love spring, noted.

All the baby animals are born.

Awwww. Bunnies, duckies and squirrel babies! I just want to kiss them all. Wait. What’s that?! Rat babies. Bear babies. Bat babies. Skunk babies. You see how not all babies are awesome? Spring doesn’t only give you the cute ones. The worst of them all – spider babies. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

Spring fashion replaces big coats.

All the pastels, tank tops, and capri pants are back in season. Goodbye to the heavy fabrics of winter. The fabrics that hide belly fat. The fabrics that smooth out any lumpy bits from the cake I had for dessert. The fabrics that compliment my figure instead of clinging to every area like moss on a stone. Oh no. We’ve made a horrible mistake.

a piece of notebook paper with a spring checklist and the choice 'winter come back' marked

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