Here is a product review. Read it. Ponder it. Debate the pros and cons. Ask your dog if you should try it. Listen to your dog. The dog is always right. Happy dog, happy blog. Sorry – for some reason I had to finish off with a rhyme. Now on to the review!

We Need to Talk About the Conditions of my Imprisonment
…and other funny parenting stories

Compiled by Michelle Tan

Photo of a 1950s era housewife holding a mixing bowl with two fighting children in the background.

This book is hilarious!!! I found myself laughing from start to finish at the stories of parenting gone wrong. As someone who doesn’t have any Miniature Humans of my own, I wasn’t sure how much I would enjoy this book. One could even say I closed my eyes and took a chance, but I obviously needed my eyes open to read. I did end up with my eyes closed, doubled over and gasping for air. Don’t worry, it was from laughter and not some sort of cardiac event.

Perfect mothers, toddler codes of conduct, poop disasters, and even a resume.

This book is a collection of stories told by 21 people. I love the idea because you get a bunch of stories told in many different voices. Each chapter can be read on its own and you can leave off and pick up when you have time – a critical consideration for anyone who has Miniature Humans at home. Another great bonus is that if one author doesn’t make you laugh out loud, the next one will.

It’s like buying 21 different books for the low price of one!

Now there must be cons. Any good review will have at least one con. It ended. There, that’s my con! I didn’t want the book to end, but it did. I envision some sort of never-ending book where chapters get added as quickly as you finish them. Sadly that does not exist… yet. In the meantime, I’m not going to hold this against the author.

I’m including the link to Amazon so that you can purchase this book if you like the premise. I make no money if you click on this link, so feel free to search the title through your digital reading device. The Kindle version is currently on pre-order, it will be published on April 21 – just one week away! I’ve also been told a paperback version will be available at a later date.

Shop the book on Amazon US. Shop the book on Amazon UK.

The Oath of Product Reviewing

I shall not write a review that does not reflect my actual thoughts on the product.
Even if the creator of the product is my friend on Twitter.

I shall not accept compensation for a review and let it bias me in any way.
Even if that compensation is food. I really hope it is food!

I shall not demand that you agree with my review.
Even if I think you are ridiculous for trying to wear a hat as a pair of pants and complaining the hat isn’t designed well.

I shall not betray this oath for any reason.
Even if Lola is making adorable dork face at me in order to see how strong my moral code really is.

82 replies on “We need to talk…

  1. So pleased that you loved it Heather! Big nod and extra cake for the rhyme there too! ❤ Yourself and Lola make an excellent review team. Thank you xxx

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        1. I’m officially stalking you across all of your linkies! Anyone would think I was a bit biased towards this post? 😉 Thanks for hosting #DreamTeam x

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  2. Like they say, you get less time for murder and other heinous crimes!! Good to laugh about it all, otherwise things could escalate! Well done Heather and a big woof, woof growl out to Lola #DreamTeam

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    1. I’ve never done a review but when this opportunity came along I had to take it. I absolutely love the people who contributed to this book and I knew I could not pass up the opportunity to read it early.


  3. Looks like another one to add to my dusty pile of books to read. I have three miniature humans and I only have time to read blogs. I miss books. But still love blogs #DreamTeam

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    1. That’s what I actually really loved about this book. Each chapter is a standalone by a different author. Even better, each story is fairly easy to finish within 15 minutes.


  4. I have this one planned for my summer hols. I love the idea that it is 21 individual tales as I couldn’t fathom reading a book that actually required me to remember what happened in the previous chapter. The littles have made sure that is entirely impossible! #dreamteam

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    1. That’s why I think it’s the perfect book to give away as a gift to anyone on your list who has small children! Both of my sister-in-laws are getting a copy this year, they can read a chapter in the 10 minutes they wait for their child to get out of school each day.

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  5. Sounds like my kinda book! I’ve been unable to read many books since having kids. There’s a book that I’ve been reading since last October that I’m determined not to give up on (maybe I should as it’s a bit dull)- I’m reading it a paragraph at a time before either being interrupted or falling asleep. Stand alone chapters and a bit of humour is right up my street! #AnythingGoes

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  6. This sounds like a fab book. So important to remember the hilarious moments of parenthood because they keep us sane in the hard times #dreamteam

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    1. It’s so fantastic. I’ll confess that I ordered the Kindle copy and paperback for myself. Then I also ordered two more paperbacks as gifts for mom friends. I have a feeling I will be ordering a few more as gifts to give out this year!


  7. I can’t wait to read this!! Especially because I know a couple of my absolute fave bloggers are in it! I’m waiting for the paperback version though as I really don’t like kindles!xx #dreamteam

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