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Hello everyone and welcome to #ShankYouPets! This is an Instagram community for those of us who love our pets like kids. Link up with me each week using the tag #ShankYouPets and I’ll post my favorites right here every Sunday. You’ll get to enjoy cute animal photos, attract new Instagram followers, and pick up a cool new badge if you are featured!


Three photos in one collage. A cat sitting in snow with snow on her back. A dog with black and white hair in the snow. A white dog with a snow covered nose.

This week’s featured photos are dedicated to snow! We’ve got some brave pets who wandered out into the cold and came back to tell the tale…with their wagging tails.

Top right is DadGeekUK’s poor kitty who had never really seen snow before. I guess that explains the need to sit in one spot and just wait to see what happens. Nothing happens.
Snow level: BEGINNER.

Bottom left is Ollie, the brave adventurer. Ollie has figured out snow is cold and maybe the indoors was better after all.

Bottom right is Dottie, the dog who understands what is happening and is okay with it. More than okay with it, Dottie has helped her humans build a snowman.
Snow level: EXPERT.

Now, head on over to Instagram and check out all the adorable animals there. Make sure to follow the ShankYouPets hashtag, it’s a brand new feature in Instagram that makes it easy to see photos from the group without having to follow individual accounts. I would also appreciate you sharing this post on Facebook or Twitter so that more people can join us!

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3 replies on “#ShankYouPets week 9…

  1. Ollie is a pro! Chris usually tries to capture a pic of him running in the snow but Ollie’s arthritis means it isn’t a good idea any more 😦 but Ollie did manage a sprint down the garden before we could stop him (or get the camera)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw, poor Ollie! Lola’s been hit with a diagnosis of early hip dysplasia last month so she has to be prevented from jumping. Unfortunately, she has a tendency to act like Tigger from Winnie the Pooh.


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