Dear Lola,

I recently moved from the US to the UK and am perplexed by clothing. Women’s clothing sizes are vastly different to what I am used to. I thought it was just another thing that my husband and I would have to adapt to, but that’s not the case at all! Men’s clothing is the same size in both countries so my husband has had no issues. Why aren’t women’s sizes the same in both countries?

Pajama Princess

Dear Lola

Dear Pajama Princess,

I love the name you gave yourself when writing in – usually I have to come up with something witty on my own. I am assuming you came up with the moniker because you are currently reduced to wearing pajamas at all times, as they are the only thing in the world that currently make sense. You probably also reasoned that this question would demand much research since I am not in the habit of having to buy my own clothing – leaving me ignorant of the sizing system in my own country, let alone a foreign country. Thank you for your kindness, and I am happy to report that I do indeed have an answer for you!

The Man is to blame.

Now, I haven’t figured out which man is actually to blame, but my Mommybeast always blames The Man when life is pushing her around. She also blames cake for some of life’s ills, but only when cake goes missing from the kitchen counter.

Since The Man is so elusive, I could not personally question him about the sizing issue. I therefore must theorize that The Man knows women would be unstoppable in the world if they no longer had to spend so much mental energy figuring out how to put on clothes. The more confounding the sizing system becomes, the less time women have to spend at work each day preparing to take over the world.

Now, I hate to leave my readers on a sour note so I’ve gone searching for the silver lining in this situation. It is more rust colored than silver, but it was the very best I could do with the subject matter.

We can take down The Man even while wearing our pajamas.

Now, find some of those mini cakes and sandwiches the British are known for and enjoy a bit of Netflix while you snack – pajamas were made for this moment!


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90 replies on “Dear Lola – I’ve become a pajama princess…

  1. This made me smile. In the UK you can buy one size in one shop then go to another shop and pick up that same size and it won’t fit! It’s infuriating. I can only imagine how frustrating it is trying to work out the differences when you move to a new country.

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    1. It would be amazing if we could all agree on a sizing system, but even then I don’t think it would benefit the US because we are not on the measurement system the rest of the world uses. I always joke that the US needs to just go on the metric system but then I look at the metric system and I can’t figure out what is what – that’s probably why we haven’t done it yet!

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  2. I find shopping anywhere aggravating these days! Here in the UK one shop will sell a size 12 that fits me perfectly but a size 12 from the shop next door will be far too big! So annoying #DreamTeam

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    1. It is! I think this is why all of the future movies show everyone wearing a matching outfit. All made by the same company, all you have to do is figure out what size fits you and that’s the only thing you order for the rest of your life.


  3. As a man I particularly do not understand why women’s clothes don’t simply list the sizes based on the measurements. Most men’s clothes does this to some extent and it makes it easy, understand roughly your waist measurement in inches or cm as well are you collar sie and you’re 80% good to go. I do not envy women needing to navigate that minefield. #DreamTeam

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    1. It is baffling! I went with Hubster to buy him jeans and we were done in 10 minutes. 10 minutes! I wanted to punch him in the face. Not that it’s his fault, but it takes me at least three hours to try on all the different styles of jeans to figure out what makes me look less like a muffin and more like a croissant. No one wants to be a muffin!


    1. Some of the American companies are really ridiculous when it comes to sizing, but you can usually get within a size. my American friend who wrote in said the UK system blew her mind because it was every store she went to having completely different sizes from the one before it.


    1. I’ve never really cared what size I was, because I find cookies too delicious to give up. And all the cake in the world needs to be eaten. However, if it takes me more than a few minutes to find the first pair of fitting jeans, I just want to go home and live pantless.


    1. Yeah, I think she should just continue to order her clothing from the US. The shipping costs probably make that ridiculous and when you live in a new country you kind of want to do what they’re doing.


  4. It IS so annoying isn’t it! Then there’s vanity sizing which basically means they make the clothes bigger, out the same size in it all in the name of making you feel better about yourself! I know that I’m getting fatter from too much cake….clothes don’t need to tell me! Ahhhhhh #dreamteam

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    1. Vanity sizing, I will never get why that makes people feel better. To me, it just makes the old size 10 a size 6 now. But before you know it, if you’re not a negative 6 then you’re just a fatty. I had a friend who bought a triple zero pair of jeans and I didn’t even know what to say to her. What does triple zero mean??? She said she used to be considered a size 4.

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  5. As a UK born pyjama princess I actually love it when an item of clothing has a US sizing label, as the number is around 4 lower than the UK equivalent! I literally lose two dress sizes instantly! Thus justifying extra tiny sandwiches and cakes – winning at life! 😂 xx #DreamTeam

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    1. It would make life easier. I also think companies don’t realize how much more money they could make if people knew what sizes to order. I know I would buy a lot more clothing, but I hate wasting my time trying on clothes for hours so I usually stick with two pairs of jeans and a handful of T-shirts and the rest never gets bought.


  6. It’s all man’s fault! Sizes are silly numbers made up by people that really have no meaning other than the attachment to a pattern for a specific company. I say enjoy your pajamas and tea while you enjoy the view of your new home! Then go out for a day and take 4 different sizes of the same piece into a dressing room and figure out your new shopping experience. Best of luck, Pajama Princess!

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  7. That’s brilliant Lola. And not only are they different to the US sizes, but in general, each shops size for a particular ‘size’ is different too. It’s all very confusing and the only way to win is to shop at one shop and become a walking advert I find. 🙂 Thanks for being a fab host over on the #Dreamteam xxx

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  8. I really could ditch the clothing size and snug in some oversized pyjamas right now!!! This wintery snow in London has be dreaming of my bed right now and maybe a holiday over in the states! #DreamTeam

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  9. This is what I hate the most! My husband went abroad for work and bought me a few clothes, I’m a size 12-14 in the U.K. and he bought me XXXL and I’m not even kidding you! And it was the same as a size 12! Didn’t make me feel good and gave him a good laugh! #DreamTeam

    Soffy //

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  10. I concur dear Lola. If men had to focus on as many things as women do, then there would be far less wars in this world! I theorise that men make up stuff like this just to keep us occupied as they know we would take over their world completely!

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  11. The size system in this country still confounds me, let alone a different one in another country. These days I never seems to know what size I am because every store and every brand has their own sizing system. It’s so frustrating but I love Lola’s answer! If I could get away with wearing Pajamas all day, every day, I definitely would:) #anythinggoes

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  12. I love US sizing as I am a 10 or an 8. i know this is rubbish as I am still the same size I’ve always been but that label always makes me smile. Particularly when it’s on jeans.

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  13. Lola has it spot on, pyjamas or pajamas are the only way women can take over the world, that’s why you see them in the school playground…or it could be because they plan on going back to bed once the kids are dropped off. In which case, they are never going to take over the world only dream of it.

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