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Dear Lola,

I recently moved from the US to the UK and am perplexed by clothing. Women’s clothing sizes are vastly different to what I am used to. I thought it was just another thing that my husband and I would have to adapt to, but that’s not the case at all! Men’s clothing is the same size in both countries so my husband has had no issues. Why aren’t women’s sizes the same in both countries?

Pajama Princess

Dear Lola

Dear Pajama Princess,

I love the name you gave yourself when writing in – usually I have to come up with something witty on my own. I am assuming you came up with the moniker because you are currently reduced to wearing pajamas at all times, as they are the only thing in the world that currently make sense. You probably also reasoned that this question would demand much research since I am not in the habit of having to buy my own clothing – leaving me ignorant of the sizing system in my own country, let alone a foreign country. Thank you for your kindness, and I am happy to report that I do indeed have an answer for you!

The Man is to blame.

Now, I haven’t figured out which man is actually to blame, but my Mommybeast always blames The Man when life is pushing her around. She also blames cake for some of life’s ills, but only when cake goes missing from the kitchen counter.

Since The Man is so elusive, I could not personally question him about the sizing issue. I therefore must theorize that The Man knows women would be unstoppable in the world if they no longer had to spend so much mental energy figuring out how to put on clothes. The more confounding the sizing system becomes, the less time women have to spend at work each day preparing to take over the world.

Now, I hate to leave my readers on a sour note so I’ve gone searching for the silver lining in this situation. It is more rust colored than silver, but it was the very best I could do with the subject matter.

We can take down The Man even while wearing our pajamas.

Now, find some of those mini cakes and sandwiches the British are known for and enjoy a bit of Netflix while you snack – pajamas were made for this moment!


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