Make him dinner.

Not a super fancy dinner, but a regular dinner. Instead of making a lasagna from scratch, pick one up from the freezer section of your grocery store. While you’re there, grab some frozen garlic bread also – so he knows you (kind of) really care.

Clean the house.

Throw all the dirty laundry under the bed. Put a roll of toilet paper on the counter next to the empty roll. Throw clean sheets on the bed, but tuck nothing. Showing that you (kind of) care about him is better than exhausting yourself unnecessarily.

Write a poem.

Buying stationery is time-consuming so grab whatever scrap of paper you find on your kitchen counter and write this down.

A floral background with the poem "roses are red, violets are blue, you're very lucky I (kind of) love you."

Get a card.

Reach over at the checkout line of the store (while you’re picking up that lasagna) and grab whatever card you touch first. Sure it’s a baby’s first birthday card, but isn’t it the thought that counts?! Nothing says I (kind of) love you like a baby giraffe holding the number 1.

Buy her flowers.

Walk past all those gorgeous roses and stop when you get to tulips. Tulips are perfect. They say I (kind of) love you, and they leave you with enough leftover money to get yourself some Taco Bell for lunch.

Create a romantic playlist.

Type love into the search bar of your iTunes library. Add all songs to the playlist. Love is a Battlefield, Love the Way You Lie, Tainted Love – just throw it all on that (kind of) thoughtful playlist.

A playlist of songs that sound like love song titles but are actually about breakups and fights.

Give the gift of chocolate.

Empty a jar of spaghetti sauce and clean it out. Remove the label, leaving that noticeable strip of adhesive behind. Fill the jar with whatever candies you have in the house, making sure to check the couch cushions if your jar isn’t full. Finish filling with Oreo cookies if needed. You (kind of) adore your spouse if you use a double stuff Oreo. Wrap a napkin around the jar and voila!

Make a photo album.

They say the proof is in the picture. Take your phone to the nearest print shop and order up whatever is on your camera roll. While waiting for the photos to print, pick out an album from the $1 bin next to the photo counter. If your camera roll looks anything like mine, you (kind of) like your dog more than your spouse.

This was supposed to be a list of 10, but I (kind of) needed a nap after number 8. 

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91 replies on “10 ways to show your spouse you (kind of) love them this Valentine’s Day…

      1. Oh thanks Heather. If it was not sarcasm, does “kind of” really mean anything? Or it is just a filler? I’ve seen people use it quite often, like “you are kind of amazing”…so I feel confused. Thanks!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yes, it is just a filler in the sentence. So saying someone is kind of amazing is meant as a compliment.

          I enjoy taking common phrases and subverting them to a sarcastic definition.


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