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Thanksgiving is creeping up on me with a speed that I’m a bit uncomfortable with. Frankly, I dread the turkey day. While most people are fighting over the bird, I’m dreaming of seeing a cow on my plate. Turkey is just not my favorite. I like dark meat, but it isn’t worth the trouble of trying to get it all. The small bones, the tiny slivers of meat that cling to them…I’m exhausted just thinking about it. Let’s not even think about how much sugar I will need to consume in order to wake up early enough to start cooking this bird that I didn’t want in the first place!

This Thanksgiving will be special.

My parents are coming for the holiday and with my mother’s presence comes a built-in cook. She’ll wrestle that bird in the oven while I lie on the couch and stare lifelessly at the Macy’s day parade. Mom will listen to her Christmas music as she bastes, I’ll be eating a waffle that I’ve pleaded with her to make since she is hanging out in the kitchen already. Then, when the bird is ready to be consumed, my mother will fight that previously feathered friend until the dark meat magically shows up on my plate for me to consume.

Before you think she’s a servant, I promise you my mother will be pampered.

I’m baking her a cake! A whole cake for her to enjoy until it is all gone. With help from me and my belly. And my dad. And Hubster. Because it’s her birthday… Yep, I’m making her cook me a feast on her birthday.

I can already feel the grim reaper looking for me.

Now head on over to my Twitter where we are voting on what part of Thanksgiving is your favorite!

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