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This poll is open from 6am Tuesday to noon on Thursday, London time. That is a 54 hour window to cast your vote. Look at me with my math skills!

This week’s poll will either scare you silly or reassure you. I’ve noticed a few traits lately that leave me with a queasy feeling that I’m officially an adult. I was hoping your votes would prove me wrong.

Please prove me wrong.

I don’t want to be an adult. Adults have to take stuff seriously. Adults can’t lie in bed all day while pretending to not hear someone shouting for assistance with the dishes. Adults can’t ignore the laundry pile because eventually they run of out underwear, and there is no laundry fairy to the rescue. I actually verified this as fact this morning, right after I realized I had no underwear. Luckily, adults don’t always put their laundry away and I was saved by a hidden basket of clean clothes that my adult eyes have been purposely avoiding, for fear of having to fold them.

Adults can’t call their mommy and ask her to write a note saying you can’t come to life today because you’re feeling poorly. I asked my mom today and she said no.

Crap, I’m probably an adult by now.

Cast your vote and make me feel young again!

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