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"Game night should end in a satisfying blood bath where one person is the victor and everyone else hates them."

Things took a turn for the worse last night. I had a wonderful barbecue with great friends and we played a board game. I love board games, nothing is better than moving a plastic man around a game board as I laugh maniacally and rub my hands together. However, this board game did not turn out that well. You see, I played Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?

It turns out, I am NOT smarter than a fifth grader.

I did pretty well, but my teammate and I were eventually flummoxed by the simplest question. It was true or false. Buzz Aldrin was not the first person to walk on the moon. We said false.

We got it wrong. In our defense, he was on the exact same spaceflight as the guy who touched the moon first, so it’s easy to become discombobulated. The way the question is phrased leads you to somehow doubt everything you know to be true until you are no longer sure someone even walked on the moon. We even used a cheat and the other team answered false also!

Somehow, I still don’t feel better.

What did make me feel better was that the fifth grader who was playing with us was not smarter than a fifth grader. Here’s a note about the game, it’s Canadian so you will have to answer a lot of questions about Canadian government. Yeah. My school didn’t really cover any of that, and if they did, I was busy eating a cupcake and couldn’t hear them.

I’m going back to Monopoly!

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